South Jersey Sheds & Gazebos

Mini Barns
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Shed styles available to have custom made to your specifications

Below are many different styles of sheds that are available.
Sheds can be custom built in sizes from 6' X 6' to 14' X 48'
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We are so confident that we sell the best quality Amish built sheds in South Jersey (Cumberland, Salem, Cape May & Atlantic Counties), for the best price; that we will match anyones written shed price of the same construction, quality and workmanship. In addition to matching the price we will provide a free ramp. Contact our office for details and quality comparsion check off list. We have spent 100's hours to find the best Amish Craftsman in the industry, for our South Jersey residents.
Need a shed right away but want to get the exact colors and size. We'll now bring you a Storage unit til your shed is built and deliveried, call us for more details.
Deluxe Vinyl Mini Barn
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Standard Mini Barn
6' Wall Mini Barns
Economy Mini Barn
Deluxe Mini Barn
Deluxe 6' Mini Barn
Standard 6 'Mini Barn
Economy 6' Mini Barn
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Deluxe New England 6' Mini Barn
6' 6" Wall Dutch Barns
Economy 6' 6" Dutch Barn
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Standard 6' 6" Dutch Mini Barn
Cape Cod
Hip Barn
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Economy Cape Cod Not Available
Standard Cape Cod Not Available
Economy Hip Barn Not Available
Standard Classic Not Available
Economy Classic Not Available
Standard Hip Barn Not Available
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Deluxe New England 4' Mini Barn
Deluxe Vinyl 6' Mini Barn
Deluxe New England 6' 6" Dutch Barn
Deluxe Vinyl 6' 6" Dutch Barn
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All NEW quality check off list, click on below button, for printable check off list.
Economy A Frame
Standard A Frame
Deluxe A Frame
Deluxe New England A Frame
Deluxe Vinyl A Frame
Deluxe 6' 6" Dutch Barn
Deluxe A Frame
Deluxe Classic
Deluxe Quaker
Deluxe Hip Barn
Deluxe New England Cape Cod
Deluxe New England Classic
Deluxe New England Quaker
Deluxe Vinyl Quaker
Deluxe Vinyl Cape Cod
Deluxe Vinyl Classic
Standard Quaker
Economy Quaker
Deluxe Vinyl New England Quaker
Deluxe Vinyl Hip Barn